Typewriter Parts/Supplies

IBM Wheelwriter Typewriter cartridgeToner Etc. services many typewriters. The IBM WheelWriter Typewriter for example. We also sell parts and supplies for the handy DIY person. Perhaps you have a Brother SX-4000 or a Royal Scriptor II 69147T that needs some TLC. Or you have a Nakajima WPT-150 Electronic Typewriter around the office. Does your IBM Wheelwriter and Selectric not work like they used to? If you’d like to return it back to like new condition, we have the parts. Toner Etc. can either service your Electronic Daisywheel Typewriter or provide parts for you to get your electric typewriters back up and running. Canon Typestar 5 are very good typewriters and if you have one we can keep it click and clacking away. We have ribbon cartridges, printwheels, and roller barrel platens. So don’t let that classy typewriters of yours collect dust. Call Toner Etc. and get your typewriters back up and running today.

Unlike modern computers, typewriters allow you to fill out preprinted forms with ease. Other advantages include the amount of space a desktop computer takes up compared to a much leaner typewriter’s case. You also don’t have to wait for updates and boot time for a typewriter. Then there is also the nostalgic click and clack of the keys as you press them, the hammers as they strike the paper. The rhythm can be soothing. If these are the aspects of your office equipment you enjoy then don’t let them fall into disrepair.

Some people may consider the typewriters to be out of date or ancient equipment. That doesn’t mean they don’t have a place in the modern day office. Like any good specialty tool, they work for some tasks better than any other office equipment. So give Toner Etc. a call and keep your typewriters in great repair.